Trainees come to the United States on the J-1 visa for 4-18 months (A semester-long development program for 6th and 7th semester Hotel and Culinary students [4-8 months] and 12-18 month programs for Hotel Management and Culinary Arts graduates), which allows the Trainee the opportunity to become a fully functioning team member at the Host Company and to make a real contribution to your business.

Enlace Internacional works closely with your business to help form a Training Plan that ensures that the Trainee as well as the Host Company sees development over the duration of the program.

Host Companies are asked to offer a stipend to the trainee equal to the prevailing wage for the position in question. We also ask that your business help in locating housing for the Trainee (that they will pay for) if your company does not offer housing options.

The Trainees will be placed in positions in their field of study or experience (Hotel Management, Tourist Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management, etc.).

Enlace Internacional also works with H2b and TN work programs for seasonal employees and supervisory/management level employees respectively. Please reach out to inquire how these programs may benefit your property or business.

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